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Jie WU
Contact person: Release date: 2018-04-27


Jie WU

Lecturer, Plant Phenomics Research Center, Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) 

E-mail: jwroot@njau.edu.cn



2014.7-2017.7 Post-doctor, China Agricultural University

2010.10-2011.4 Visiting scholar, Pennsylvania State University

2007.9–2014.7 Doctor, China Agricultural University

2003.9–2007.7 Bachelor, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University


Research Area

Developing high throughput, novel root phenotyping instrument and platform using artificial or soil medium to study the interaction between root architecture and environment and its underlying mechanism.


For more instant information, please check https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jie_Wu7


Research Project

1. China postdoctoral science foundation project, 2015M571167, High throughput root phenotyping platform for dicotyledonous plants, 2015/01-2017/06, Direct;

2. National natural science foundation project, 41471235, Calibration and validation of a three-dimensional root architectural model of maize based on high-accuracy field data and quantification, 2015/012018/12, Participation;

3. National natural science foundation project, 41071205, Quantification of the mechanism of nitrogen absorption of maize based on three dimensional root-soil model, 2011/012013/12, Participation;



Jie Wu and Yan Guo, A root sampling machine and its private sampling cylinder for sampling of root system of adult field-grown maize, 2014.12.24, China, 201310140446X (Inventive patent, authorization)


Published Paper

1. Wu J, Guo Y. 2014. An integrated method for quantifying root architecture of field-grown maize. Annals of Botany 114: 841–851.

2. Wu J, Pages L, Wu Q, Yang B, Guo Y. 2015. Three-dimensional architecture of axile roots of field-grown maize. Plant and Soil 387: 363–377.

3. Wu Q, Pages L, Wu J. 2016. Relationships between root diameter, root length and root branching along lateral roots in adult, field-grown maize. Annals of Botany 117: 379–390. (Corresponding author)

4. Wu Q, Wu J, Zheng B, Guo Y. 2017. Optimizing soil-coring strategies to quantify root-length-density distribution in field-grown maize: virtual coring trials using 3-D root architecture models. Annals of Botany.

5. Jie Wu, Qian Wu, Loic Pages, Yeqing Yuan, Xiaolei Zhang, Mingwei Du, Xiaoli Tian, Zhaohu Li.2018. RhizoChamber-Monitor: a robotic platform and software enabling characterization of root growth. Plant Methods


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