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Contact person: Release date: 2018-04-27

Dr. Jiang is a crop physiologist and agronomist in NAU, and he is one of the persons in charge of the construction of the National Facilities for Crop Phenomics of China (FCP), and leading the establishment of an integrated Plant Phenomics Research Center (PPRC) in NAU serving activities of R &D and running of the FCP.

Dr. Jiang is also the wheat scientist of the China agriculture research system (CARS). He leads a research group focusing on the improvement of tolerance to the major abiotic stresses, the enhancement of grain quality tolerance in the molecular biological, physiological and agronomic levels, taking wheat as interested materials. He has published over 90 international peer-reviewed journal papers in this area. Recently, his group is screening contrasting wheat genotypes tolerant to different abiotic stresses, and differently responding to the agronomic practices such as nitrogen fertilization in terms of grain quality, with the help of the high-throughput phenotyping facilities. Integrating with other –omics analysis such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabonomics, and the physiological and biochemical data, the underlying mechanisms are aimed to be revealed.

Personal Information

Name: Dong Jiang

Title: Dr. & Prof. in agronomy

Affiliation: College of Agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural University

Email: jiangd@njau.edu.cn


1988—1992: Department of Agronomy, Shandong Agricultural University (Bsc)

1992—1995: Department of Agronomy, Shandong Agricultural University (Msc in Agronomy)

1995—1998: Department of Agronomy, Shandong Agricultural University (PhD in Agronomy)


2014.01- : Executive president, The Academy of Science, NAU

2013.01- : Distinguished Young Scholar, Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

Distinguished Leading Scientists of S & T Innovation, Ministry of S & T (MOST)

2011.01- : Scientist of wheat industry in China (China Agriculture Research System, MOA)

2004.05-: Professor, College of Agronomy, NAU

2001.01-2004.04: Associate professor, College of Agronomy, NAU

2000.09-2000.12: Lecturer, College of Agronomy, Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU)

1998.01-2000.12: Postdoctoral fellow, Zhejiang University

International Research Experience

2007.02-2007.12: Visiting scholar, working with Dr. Bernd Wollenweber, Department of Genetics, University of Aarhus

2003.01-2003.04: PRI, Wageningen UR as IAC (International Agriculture Centre) fellowship

2002.02-2002.05: PRI, Wageningen UR as IAC (International Agriculture Centre) fellowship

Research Interests

Dr. Jiang worked in NAU as a crop physiologist and agronomist, and was in charge of the construtction of the National Plant Phenotyping Facility of China. Current research interests include (1) the physiological mechanism and regulatory approaches targeting simultaneous high-yield and super-quality in wheat, which focuses on the morphology of the quality function units, especially for starch granules and glutenin macropolymers, and the spatial distribution regularities of protein and starch in wheat endosperm. (2) the physiological mechanisms on abiotic stress tolerance in wheat and the mitigation approaches, which focuses on the alleviation effect of priming on tolerance to abiotic stresses occur during critical growth stages in wheat. (3) using phenomics to screen wheat genotype in response to different types of abiotic stresses, such as drought stress, waterlogging stress, nitrogen responses, etc.

He was awarded the excellent Young Scholar of National Science Foundation of China.

He is also the wheat scientist of the China agriculture research system (CARS).

He has published over 80 papers as first or corresponding author in SCI journal, in addition spreads his technical achievement in use.


He has ever been or am in responsible for more than twenty projects, including the five NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) projects, four hi-tech (“863”) projects, more than 20 ministry or provincial level projects and two international collaborative projects. He is also assigned as the research scientist of the Modern Agriculture Research System of China.


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